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Computer Center / Services and Support

Administration System

The administration system duty is to provide a full range of information processing support in the university, including general affairs automation, administrative automation, and Office automation processing. It is responsible for developing management systems or portal to support administration and to provide services in TNUA. The architecture of all the applications is either web-based or client-server with distributed database. These years we have been making efforts to construct office automation and to integrate all the systems implemented. Our goal is to build a data center covering all the information in campus to provide services with high performance reference.

Network Management

The mission of the Network Management is to plan, build, manage, and maintain the campus network. We also actively provides technical consultation and services including DNS, Web Proxy, Ftp, BBS, Wireless networks etc. We supports all the teaching, research and administration work on campus with fixed & dynamic IPs. All regional switchings of buildings were connected to the FDDI backbone. We also design and operate efficiently the campus network, using wideband to connect departmental buildings and administration offices to each other and to the Internet. The network extends into every room and students' residence hall on campus, allowing convenient network connections in any location. We provide some consults who are responsible for solving network-related problems for faculties and students on line everyday. The chief advantage of outstanding network is that it provides universal interconnection while allowing individual groups to use whatever network hardware is best suited to their needs.

Teaching Support

Education Extension in Computer Center currently provides e-service training programs to government employees and faculties. It also offers some general public study programs for self-growth such as desktop publishing, specialized software package, fundamental computer concepts, office automation, network and communication, security packages for virus & firewall, and etc. All the faculty, staff and students can attend the training courses offered by the computer center to learn how to use the computing and networking resources on campus. These training courses are scheduled on each summer vacation.

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