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President / About the President

(President Chen Kai-Huang)

Educational Background :
1986/9-1990/6 : Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris , FRANCE.

1982/9-1986/6 : National Taiwan University Of Arts , TAIWAN.

Main Awards :

2010  The Annual Curating Project : Bio-image 2009-2010 of National Culture Art Foundation.

2001  EARTH New York : Art lab. Constructive Project.

1998  The Creative Prize of National Culture Art Foundation.

1986  The Plastic Arts Schoolship of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs .

Main Creation and Media :

conceptual (concept for arts)  
filmic / multimedia
total environment convert & trans-disciplinary curating

Since the 1980’s, Professor Chen Kai-Huang has been one of the most influential contemporary artists in employing interdisciplinary methods and conceptual approach in Taiwan. Focusing on the identity politics of Taiwan’s subjectivity, Chen embarks his epic projects on culture ontology, paralogical subjectivity, and social intervention in rendering Taiwan’s independency as aesthetic forms. For the past 30 years, there have been more than hundred art projects implemented under the umbrella title Measurement of Inter-Cultures, in transcending boundaries of community, memory, and locales in generating a collective imagination of nation without nationality.


Continuing his long-termed projects, Chen disseminates the trope of Taiwan’s cultures and nationalities not only in art community but in the social real. Involving participants in various cultural spheres, Chen regards his politico-aesthetic strategy as a practice of radical difference in creating contemporary Gesamtkunstwerk. Chen’s art and teaching have been influencing among the younger generation of artists and groups such as Nation Oxygen (國家氧), Post-8 (後八) and many others. Chen is the 10th president of Taipei National University of the Arts after the dean of Student Affairs, the chairperson of Department of Fine Arts, and the dean of School of Fine Arts, and the distinguished professor of Trans-disciplinary Graduated Institute and the Board Member of Taipei Culture Foundation.

Recent Solo Exhibitions :

2018/1  ‹Maintain Status Quo› Giinlui Art Space, Taipei TAIWAN.filmic / multimedia/installation
2014  Mona Is The Island: Which Kept Us Slant› filmic / multimedia / interactive installation
2011  ‹MAYIN GINCHUNGZE›   Taipei City(down town 7 areas).filmic / multimedia
2009  ‹Move or not   Art center of LandMark hotel / Taipei.filmic / multimedia
2007  ‹The Essence   Fukuoka Asia Museum/ Japan.filmic / multimedia/installation
2006  ‹TEHCHING ROOM›  Main Trand Gallery/ Taipei.filmic / multimedia/installation
2004  ‹How this island would be possible?›  IT Park Gallery/ Taipei.filmic / multimedia/installation
2004  ‹The Circumference— Moon is Sun›   DAIMON Media Art Center, Canada / Gatineau.
   (filmic / multimedia/installation
2003  ‹The Circumference›  National Tong-Hwa University / Hualien.filmic / multimedia/installation
2001  ‹Oh! Where is the Deutschland?›   Hanart TZ Gallery/ Taipei.
   (filmic / multimedia/installation/   animation
2001  ‹Cloning taiwan›  Bamboo Curtain Studio/ Tamsui.filmic / multimedia/installation
1999  ‹Plants turn Circles›  Kuandu -Tamsui opened area.filmic / multimedia/installation
1998  The Circumference Moon is Sun  Waters around Taiwan island.
   (filmic / multimedia/installation

Recent Collective Exhibitions :
2017/4 ‹Barehands VOL1:Asian Artists Residency project› KUALA LUMPUR, National gallery ,MALAYSIA.
2015/16 ‹Taoyuan Land Art Festival› (Interactive installation) .
2014 Taipei Biennial ‹Intuition Academy› Taipei Fine Art museum ,Taipei (Filmic installation) .
2013 Documentation of ‹MAYIN GINCHUNGZE› IT Gallery,Taipei (down town 7 areas).filmic / multimedia
2012 ‹Taiwan International Video Arts› Kaohsiung Fine Art museum , Kaohsiung(Filmic installation) .
2012 ‹the Sensible Knowledge› Kuandu Fine Art museum (KdMoFa), Taipei(Filmic installation) .
2011 Green Expo. Environmental Arts Festival, I-Lan, Taiwan. (installation) .
Taiwan CallingBudapest Mucsarnok art museum, Hungary.
2009 ‹Taiwanpics.doc› –Art Contemporain Taiwanais ,Fine art museum of E.N.S.B.A. Paris, France. filmic / animation
2008 ‹Dwelling Place›   Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition, Hong-Gah Museum/Taipei. (animation) 
2008 ‹Kaohsiung Steel & Iron Sculpture Festival›  Kaohsiung. (multi media/interactive installation)
2007 ‹The Experimental›   Beijing art fair exhibition, China, animation
2006 ‹The Odyssey of Arts in Taiwan, 1950-2000› National Art museum of ChinaNAMOC, Beijing, China.animation
2006 ‹A Realm with no coordinates›   Nan-hai Gallery, Taipei / TAVA Gallery ,Tainan / 1a space ,Hong Kong / Shao Yifu hall ,Chinese University, Hong Kong , ( August to December) filmic / multimedia/installation/ animation
2006 ‹Taipei 23›  Taipei Fine Art Museum (TFAM). 
2006 ‹Empty field–A dialogue between contemporary Art and contemporary philosophy ›  Kuandu Fine Art museum (KdMoFa). (February to May)filmic / installation/ animation/ document
2006 ‹Empty field –A dialogue between contemporary Art and contemporary philosophy›  National Taiwan Museum. (June)  filmic / installation/ animation2005 ‹Art history during 1955-2005-the further generation in Taiwan›  Sun Yatsen memorial hall / National Gallery.multimedia /documentary
2005 ‹Kuandu Extravaganza›  Kuandu Fine Art Museum (KdMoFa).(multi-media / installation)
2005 ‹Visible and Invisible›  Taipei Fine Art Museum (TFAM).filmic / multimedia/interactive-installation
2004 ‹The Multiform Nineties:Taiwan's Art Branches Out› Taipei Fine Art Museum (TFAM). filmic /installation
2003 ‹2003 City Net›  Seoul Museum of Art , Korea.filmic / installation
2003 ‹Performance Art in Taiwan› Dog& Pig art space, Kaohsiung.filmic/ interactive-installation
2003 ‹Witnessing contemporary art› Chia-yi Railroaded Warehouse.filmic
2003 ‹Streams of Encounter-electronic media based artworks›  Taipei Fine Art Museum (TFAM).filmic / installation/ documentary
2002 ‹Project Pu-ding› Tamsui river aroundings. filmic / installation
2002 ‹Seeking the city (2)›  Dog & Pig Art space, Kaohsiung.filmic / installation/ animation/ document
2001 ‹POLIPOLIS› (Hamburg Kunsthaus) ,Germany.filmic / interactive-installation

Curating :
2017  ‹Taoyuan Land Art Festival›   ( Taoyuan City government ) .
2016  ‹Taoyuan Land Art Festival›   ( Taoyuan City government ) .
2015/16  ‹Taoyuan Environment Art Festival›   ( Taoyuan City government ) .
2015  ‹North Sea Art File:Floating Life›   ( New Taipei City government ) .
2011  ‹Environmental Arts Festival›   I-LAN Green Expo.
2009-2010  ‹Bio-Image›   (N.C.A.F. curating project of 2009-2010).
2008  ‹International Workshop For Art Academies›-(Taipei Drift).
2007  ‹Kaohsiung Steel & Iron Sculpture Festival›  Kaohsiung ( Kaohsiung City government ) .
2005  ‹Taipei - Fukuoka-Young Artist Exchange exhibition›  Fukuoka City Art museum.
2005  ‹Asian and Pacific artists forum›  Taipei National University Of Arts.
2004  ‹Kaundu Flowers Arts Festival›  Taipei National University Of Arts /Council of Agriculture.
2001  ‹50 minutes ”installation›  Jinhua street/ Lee clinic.
2000  ‹The magnificent posture of death›  Taipei National University Of Arts.
1997  ‹Nan-Liao Open-Air installations›  Nan-Liao  fishing port, Hsinchu. (Hsinchu City government)
1996  ‹The Happy Community---Laugh and Tear›  of Young Taiwanese Artists ,
1995.  Lab.ETAT. ‹The Interaction-Intersection›  Sanchih abandoned warehouse.
1994  ‹The new fact›  experimental exhibition, IT PARK Gallery.
1993  ‹The Indescribable boundary : Going to exile›  chain exhibitions in Taipei A.P. Gallery / Tainan KaoKao Gallery / Kaohsiung A.P. Gallery
1991  ‹IT International Mail Arts›  (Co-Op) IT PARK Gallery

Art related

2015-16 Public Arts General Consultant of Metro San Ying line

2014 Special Appointment Professor of Taipei National University of Arts

2013 Chairperson of SanJzr Culture Foundation

2013-16 Dean of Fine Arts School of Taipei National University of Arts

2006-2010 Chairperson of Fine Arts Dept.

                  Director of Trans-disciplinary graduate

2005 Dean of students affairs of Taipei National University of Arts

2000 CEO of Communiversity E-learning

2000 Create Lab .TCHENOGRAMME『藝術與觀念實驗室』


1998 Dreamer's media Art consultant

1996 Baleine Design Studio

1995 ETAT experiment Art directorEtat web tv site 

 Current Position :
Lab. TCHENOGRAMME (Lab. Art and Conceptual 藝術與觀念實驗室)
Professor of Fine Art Department (M.B.A. Program) , Taipei National University of Arts(T.N.U.A.).
Professor of Graduate Institute of Trans-disciplinary , School of Fine Arts.(M.F.A. Program) , T.N.U.A.
Professor of Graduate Institute of Creation Artistic, School of Fine Arts(M.F.A. Program), T.N.U.A.
Professor in PH.D Program, School of Fine Arts, T.N.U.A.

Main Book :
1.  2006,TEHCHING ROOM, published by Taipei National University of Arts.
2.  2001,What of the permeated into the magnificent, published limited ( 100 copy ) by Lab. TCHENOGRAMME.
3.  1995,About“TCHENOGRAMME[a propos du TCHENOGRAMME' ] , published by Lab.ETAT.
4.  1993,Arts on exile, unpublished. 

Videos And Documentary Film :
2014    Mona Is The Island: Which Kept Us Slant›  Full HD (20min.)  
2010   ‹Mayin Ginchungze麻英 金沖子›, 18Min.45Sec. 
2006   ‹TEHCHING ROOM› , DVD. 
   ‹Visible and Invisible›  (TFAM)
   ‹Only “Le Pli- N kinds of Encounters from Dr. Mackay.›  (8 Min. )
2001/2002  ‹Cloning taiwan›   (documentary film) (2 H. )
2001/2002  ‹Cloning taiwan›   (work movie) (2min. )
   ‹Do you recognized the town? (2) ›  (5 H. ) (Hamburg circle)
   ‹Do you recognized the town? (1)›   (7 H. ) (Taipei circle), Oh! Where is the Deutschland
   ‹The Circumference; Sea Route --Moon is Sun.›   (45 H. )
   ‹Wind tunnel: before us?›   (1 H 40 min.)
   ‹Cutting across the Northern Latitude 23 ' 28 ''-----One’s Own Voice is art!›   (45 min.)
1992 – 93   ‹So, as far as art is concerned, What do we have left?›  (15 min. )

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