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A new chapter for arts education
On the northern slope of Taipei Basin stands a beautiful school campus overlooking Kuandu Plain – the Taipei National University of the Arts. Its wide-open nature dramatized by lights and shadows represents a warm welcome to guests to share with its students and teachers a campus life that is vibrant with artistic creativity and cultural activities.  
The university came into being under the leadership of its founding president, Mr Bao You-Yu, who, along with a dedicated faculty, laid a firm foundation for the school with a forward-looking vision. It has since given TNUA a firm place in Taiwan's art and cultural circle. He was also keen to expand Taiwan's presence in the world, promoting globalized exchange that has still been driving TNUA onwards in tandem with the trends of arts education in the 21st century.   

During all those years under the proactive leadership of all of my predecessors, TNUA never stopped seeking growth, embracing a deep commitment to nurturing talent. It continued to set up new departments and doctoral programs, while teaching and creativity continued to be enhanced. International links were strengthened and expanded. Its outstanding educational achievements have already established TNUA as one of world's elite universities for the arts.
Thirty-four years of constant trials and tribulations have formed part of a TNUA identity characterized by a mission to carry on the tradition and pursue continued growth. Apart from its excellent campus designed to emphasize the spirit of humanity, TNUA has been outstanding in expressing artistic creativity and promoting exhibitions and performances. Now having established itself as a top arts university, TNUA aims to move beyond its foundation of teaching excellence towards a new milestone for its academic research and educational achievements.  
A new era has come for the reform of arts education. TNUA, as a benchmark university, will continue to encourage independent thinking, creativity and imagination among its students and teachers, opening a new chapter for arts education and making the best preparations for the future. TNUA receives its resources from the country, and in turn TNUA's influence will spread throughout society.           

                                                                                                              Taipei National University of the Arts
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