Benson Tsai is keen to promote Taiwan dance to international stage

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Seen as one of the most promising young choreographers in the world, Benson Tsai has already won several international awards for his work since graduating from TNUA in 2005.
“Floating Flowers” and “Hugin/Munin” have earned him accolades in major competitions in Germany, Spain, Denmark, the US, Italy, Switzerland and Israel.
Tsai started learning dancing only during his senior high school years. While studying at TNUA’s Department of Dance, he went to the US as an exchange student at the School of Arts, Purchase College, State University of New York.
Tsai said dancing is not just about practicing hard every day; it also takes a lot of quiet observation and thinking. 
Tsai has created dances for Kaohsiung City Ballet, Contemporary Jazz Dance Theater, Chang Dance Theater, and HonWa Folk Dance Troupe, as well as dance companies of many schools. His work exhibits a unique language in various styles, incorporating theatrical elements into dance. 
Tsai said dancers from Taiwan are just as good as any others from other countries in terms of skill and creativity. But Taiwan dancers often lose out in competition for places in dance companies in other countries just because of cost concerns that prompt the companies to accept locals rather than foreigners. This prompted him to found his own company, B.Dance.
B.Dance gathers together not only dancers, but also musicians and stage professionals. He aims to integrate different forms of art to present the uniqueness of Taiwan’s performing art. He also looks forward to working with foreign artists to jointly create an art platform.
Tsai said having his own company allows him to have the freedom to create his own dances. His other aim for the company is to promote Taiwan’s dance to the international stage. 
For 2016, B.Dance will embark on a tour taking its dancers to several events in Spain.
Caption: Choreographer Benson Tsai’s “Floating Flowers” .
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