Administrative Offices


Office of Academic Affairs

Educational Objectives
1. To plan the ideal blueprint of arts education by pursuing innovative possibilities in performance, creation, teaching and research.
2. To cultivate professional contemportary artists based on cultural tradition.
3. To create the new arts education paradigm through strengthening the humanistic concern, and promoting interdisciplinary curriculum.
4. To construct the international arts network through the collaboration and exchange of arts and culture.

Core Capabilities
1. Professional artistic development and creativity
2. Independent thinking and critical ability
3. Communicative and expressive competence

Dean of Academic Affairs: Prof. Hongjohn Lin 

Tel: +886-2-2896-1000 ext. 1201
Fax: +886-2-2898-1466
E-mail: master-a@academic.tnua.edu.tw
Website :http://academic.tnua.edu.tw/academic/en/index.html

Vice Dean of Academic Affairs: Associate Prof. Xiaoxiong Zhang
Tel: +886-2-2896-1000 ext. 1205
Fax: +886-2-2898-1466
E-mail: master-a@academic.tnua.edu.tw
Website :http://academic.tnua.edu.tw/academic/en/index.html


Registration Section
Section Chief: Wang, Shi-Sha
E-mail: register@academic.tnua.edu.tw
Tel:+886-2-2896-1000 ext. 1215

Curriculum Section
Section Chief: Chang, I-Wen
E-mail: course@academic.tnua.edu.tw
Tel:+886-2-2896-1000 ext. 1225

Publishing Section
Section Chief: Chen, Chun-Wen
E-mail: publish@academic.tnua.edu.tw
Tel:+886-2-2896-1000 ext. 1232

Admission Section
Section Chief: Chang, Tsui-Lin
E-mail: Admission@academic.tnua.edu.tw
Tel:+886-2-2896-1000 ext. 1255

Center for Teaching and Learning
Section Chief: Chen, Chun-Wen
Tel:+886-2-2896-1000 ext. 1242

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