Administrative Offices


    Office of Student Affairs

    Staff and Service

    Dean's Office 
    Dean Lin Yu Pin
    E-mail :
    Services :
    General supervision of Student Affairs

    Secretary I Quan Wei
    Tel :+886-2- 2893-8753
    E-Mail :
    Services :
    To coordinate student affairs Sections


    Student Housing Service Division
    Section Chief  I Quan Wei
    Tel : +886-2-2893-8723
    E-Mail : weiiq@student.tnua.edu.tw
    Services :
    To coordinate students' life guidance affairs

     Student Activity Section
    Section Jordan Chuan
    Tel : +886-2893-8724
    E-Mail : jordan@ccnia.tnua.edu.tw
    Services :
    To coordinate students' extracurricular activities affairs

    Health Section
    Section Chief Sun Jung Jung
    Tel :  +886-2893-8725
    E-Mail : jungjung@student.tnua.edu.tw
    Services :
    To coordinate students' Sanitation and Health Care affairs

    Center for Student Counseling
    Director Wang Liang Yueh
    Tel :  +886-2893-8726
    E-Mail :  lywang@music.tnua.edu.tw

    Services :
    To coordinate students' consulting and career development affairs

    Student Guidance Section
    Director Tsai Ming Shi
    Tel :  +886-2893-8727
    E-Mail : mstsai@academic.tnua.edu.tw
    Services :
    To coordinate students' special Military Training Programs,
    The Guidance Section of Campus Sercurity Affairs

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