Administrative Offices


Secretariat Office

Secretary General: Mey-Juane Kuo

Supervise the office of the Secretariat
Related affairs assigned by the President
Tel :  +886-2-2893-8711
Fax : +886-2-2894-5124
E-mail :mj_kuo@ccnia.tnua.edu.tw
Website :http://secretariat.tnua.edu.tw/en/

Secretary: Ms. Chao-Jung Tseng
Manage and supervise administrative affairs
Undertake related affairs for the University Fund Inspection Committee
Process and Review campus documents
Host related meetings
Tel: +886-2-2893-8731
Assistant: Ms. Pei-Yuan Yen
Gather and release news
Publish TNUA Bulletin
Compile the University brief introduction
Tel: +886-2-2893-8732

Assistant: Ms. Hsueh-Hui Yang
Verify receipts (documents, checks, vouchers, etc.)
Manage affairs for honorary Ph.D. and alumni citation and award ceremony
Inspect and record official documents
Tel: +886-2-2893-8733

Messenger: Ms. Wei-Jie Huang
Receive and dispatch documents
Maintain property of the Secretariat Office
Assist in telephone calls and prepare for meeting needs
Tel: +886-2-2893-8734

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