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International Exchange Center

Chief Director of International Exchange Center:  Jau-Lan Guo

website: https://sites.google.com/site/tnuaiecen/  

Introduction of the Center

Since its establishment, TNUA has been active in pursuing international ties and exchange for arts activities and research. In line with the trend of globalization, the International Exchange Center was created in 2006 to help the University cultivate close ties with internationally famous arts institutions, and manage student exchange programs. The number of international students has been increasing steadily. It has created a learning environment that broadens students' international perspective.

TNUA is actively seeking to establish formal ties with world- famous arts institution, not only forming a firm base for a highly efficient international network, but also expanding the global visibility of both TNUA and arts education in Taiwan.


In year 2015, TNUA has unveiled its Office of International Affairs to promote the university's international ties and exchange. It is hoped that such a global network can provide students and teachers alike with more opportunities of international exchange and collaboration. It is in line with such a purpose that TNUA is reorganizing its campus, making room for a new office to enhance international activities. The establishment of the Office of International Affairs was supported by donations from Bohtai Garden. And the new office is the first-ever campus space in TNUA's history specifically devoted to international scholars and students.


The Office of International Affairs, as an office of the International Exchange Center, mainly handles liaison and administration affairs for Asian League of Institutes of the Arts (ALIA), and provides rooms or use by international scholars and students. There are rooms for studying, group discussions and meetings at the office.

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