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Computer Center

Chief Director of Computer Center: Sun, Shih-Wei

Tel :+886-2-2893-8112
Fax : +886-2-2896-7690
Website :http://cc.tnua.edu.tw/english/
E-mail : swsun@newmedia.tnua.edu.tw

Introduction of the Center

  Computer Center is the most important organization supporting academic and administrative use of technology at Taipei National University of the Arts(TNUA). It is a service unit whose mission is to improve the quality of teaching and research at school through the modern use of computing and communications skills. And it can also improves the administrative operations efficiently and effectively. Most of our computers, which include a high-performance computing server, graphics workstations, general-purpose UNIX servers, and RDBMS, are available for instructional computing and research purposes. The whole system is connected through a GIGA Bit/Ether backbone switch in the Center and also has connections to both the Internet(TANet) and FDDI backbones on campus. These computers provide specialized software such as programming languages, graphy computing tools, commercial software for multimedia analysis, visualization, and general-purpose software for text formatting, electronic mail, and information retrieval. Computer Center overall aim is to improve everyone technical and networking skills to develop, provide and manage an efficient and effective service that supports the computing needs of the staff and students of the University. 

  Established in February 1992, the Computer Center of TNUA has been promoting the use of computers in instruction and research by providing equipment, maintenance, and technical assistance. Regular training courses are available each semester in Windows & Unix operating system, E-Mail, WWW & WWG, multimedia technology, MS Office packages, network security and others. Some kinds of training courses are offered annually to faculty in order to improve their domain teaching on line. Therefore, how to set up the campus information framework and continually provide computer services to the faculty and students are our responsibility in the future.


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