Performances and Exhibition


Performances and Exhibitions

Concert Hall


It is designed for classical music, with state-of-the-art facilities. It
houses a handmade pipe organ by Karl Schuke offering internationally
accepted quality of sounds that can delight each and every one in the
Capacity: 500 seats

Contact Window: Performing Arts Center
                          Tel: +886-2-2893-8160

Experimental Theatre


It is a multi-style theatre that can be adjusted to offer a proscenium
stage, an open stage, or a center stage, catering to different styles of
production in relation to the audiences.
Capacity: 362 seats

Contact Window: Performing Arts Center
                          Tel: +886-2-2893-8160

Dance Theatre


A proscenium stage specifically for dance performances, the Dance
Theatre features wooden floorings carefully designed for the safety of
dancers. The special side lights of the stage are designed for profes-
sional dance performances.
Capacity: 344 seats

Contact Window: Performing Arts Center
                          Tel: +886-2-2893-8160

Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts


As the first-ever on-campus museum in Taiwan, the Kuandu Museum
of Fine Arts houses nine exhibition rooms. Floor space, both indoor
and outdoor, totals 25,920 square feet to serve multiple purposes:
showing creative artworks, practicing critical reviews, organizing ex-
hibitions, promoting education and housing arts collections. It is run
as both an academic and community museum connecting the univer-
sity to its neighborhood, as well as to the international arts circle. It is
a platform for international dialogue. At the same time, it collects art-
works demonstrating TNUA characteristics, and encourages young
artists and outstanding alumni to create and exhibit their works. It
chiefly collects contemporary artists’ works, accommodating artistic
imagination and cultural creativity as much as possible. 

Contact Window: Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts 
                          Tel: +886-2-2896-1000 ext.2444

Movie Theatre


Inside the Arts and Activity Complex that stands on the Egret Grass-
land, there is a 200-seat movie theatre with Dolby sound systems for
screening 35mm films. It is meant for students and teachers to show-
case and enjoy films of their own and others.

Tel: +886-2-2897-6438

Kuandu Arts Festival


All year round there are over 100 performances and exhibitions staged
in different venues of TNUA. These music, fine arts, theatre and dance
events present and represent the energy and creativity of the teachers
and students. The cross-disciplinary and international activities break
down all barriers and generate unlimited possibilities.
Every October the Kuandu Arts Festival invites famous local and inter-
national arts groups and individuals to present their art. It looks upon
the annual Next Wave Festival as its role model in its pursuit to be-
come one of the world’s famous arts festivals.

Active Schedule: http://kdaf.tnua.edu.tw
                          Tel: +886-2-2896-1000 ext.2375
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