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As the first-ever on-campus museum in Taiwan, the Kuandu Museum
of Fine Arts houses nine exhibition rooms. Floor space, both indoor
and outdoor, totals 25,920 square feet to serve multiple purposes:
showing creative artworks, practicing critical reviews, organizing exhi-
bitions, promoting education and housing arts collections. It is run as
both an academic and community museum connecting the university
to its neighborhood, as well as to the international arts circle. It is a
platform for international dialogue. At the same time, it collects art-
works demonstrating TNUA characteristics, and encourages young
artists and outstanding alumni to create and exhibit their works. It
chiefly collects contemporary artists'  works, accommodating artistic
imagination and cultural creativity as much as possible.

Opening hours:  Tuesday ~Sunday 10:00am ~5:00pm (closed on Monday)
Tel:  +886-2-2894-7200
Fax: +886-2-2893-8870
Website :  http://kdmofa.tnua.edu.tw
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