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Prof. Tobie S. Stein conducts performing arts management workshops

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Prof. Tobie S. Stein from Brooklyn College, the City University of New York (CUNY), conducted a series of workshop in Taipei for three days in April on performing arts management.

Prof. Stein, who heads the Graduate Performing Arts Management Concentration of Broolyn College’s Department of Theater, shared her insights in arts management, discussing leadership in the performing arts, crowdfunding and branding strategies of Broadway.  

It was the second time that Prof. Stein has visited TNUA. The last time she was at TNUA was in 2015.

Prof. Stein is also a member of the International Dance Council at UNESCO and a member of the League of Professional Theatre Women.

The workshops were arranged by TNUA’s Graduate Institute of Arts Administration and Management, but in order serve more local art groups, the first of the workshops on leadership in the performing arts took place at the Performing Arts Alliance’s salon in downtown Taipei on April 11.  

The next two workshops on crowdfunding and Broadway’s branding strategies took place at TNUA on April 12 and 13 respectively, where she analyzed the pros and cons of Broadway advertising.

One of the participants of the workshops, Sun Jui-chun, said the language was a big challenge for her, but Prof. Stein was very generous with praising her students, which gave her back her confidence.

Another participant, Hu Ting-yu, described Prof. Stein as a “very sincere” person. She said she was also at her TNUA lecture two years ago, and later received a letter from Prof. Stein thanking her for attending the lecture.

Caption: Prof. Tobie S. Stein (second from right) receives a thank-you card during her second workshop at TNUA

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