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2017 GenieLab-Interdisciplinary Creative Program Open Call

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Poster:Office of Research & DevelopmentPost date:2017-06-02
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I. Program Description

“2017 Genie LabInterdisciplinary Creative Program” is coming at TNUA! This program provides TNUA students with an experimental platform for interdisciplinary creative projects, and invites the endless possibilities of art. All students are welcome to apply with their proposals. Selected applicants will be performing in campus during the Guandu Arts Festival at October. We are looking forward the excitement and energy generated by these creative projects will boost the imagination and fantasies of all the art forms to collide, stimulating an unconventional mix of experimental results.                                                                                

II. Organizer Taipei National University of the Arts Office of Research & Development

III. Applicants Qualifications

1. Students at TNUA (Certificate of Enrollment is required)

2. Applicant can be individual or team. Core team members must be enrolled at TNUA.

3. One application per individual or team.

IV. Deadline for applications5pm at 26th June 2017. Applicants should deliver application personally or mail to the TNUA Office of Research & Development (Address: No. 1, Xueyuan Rd., Beitou Dist., Taipei City) before the deadline, late application will not be accepted.

V. Announcement Date: Selection results will be announced via email by 10th July 2017. The list of selected applicants will be also posted on the homepage of the TNUA official website (http://1www.tnua.edu.tw/main.php).

VI. Application Requirements

1. One copy of applicant’s Certificate of Enrollment (Team applicant needs to provide core team members’ Certificate of Enrollment)

2. Six copies of application form. Form contents are as below

a. Basic information of applicant

b. Creative project proposal (including project title, project concepts, form and style, participant introduction, expected performance location, expected technical demands)

c. Budget (including personnel, administrative expenses, miscellaneous, consumables, and equipment)

d. Appendix: Applicant can provide flyers, media reports and reviews, photographs and videos (10 minutes maximum) from previous creative work, or other information may benefit for their application (all material must be listed with web link. VCDs/DVDs, CDs, printed documents, and 3D works will not be accepted) 

VII. Evaluation

1. Applicant’s proposal must be an interdisciplinary experimental project.

2. Applicant’s expected performance location must be within TNUA campus.

3. Document evaluation: submitted application form will be reviewed by an evaluation committee invited by the organizer.

4. Interview and Presentation: Applicants can choose whether to participate. Each interview and presentation is not more than 8 minutes in length. Location and date will be informed via email.

VIII. Funding

1. Selected applicant will receive 50,000 NT in grants. If the production fee exceeds the grant money, selected applicant can apply for extra production subsidies. Receipts must be provided for accounting purposes. Grants and production subsidies total sum will not exceed 100,000 NT.

2. Selected applicant must choose an advisor from TNUA as creative consultant. The organizer will additionally subsidize the advisor’s consulting fees.

3. After selection, selected applicant must choose an advisor and fill out relevant information. Grant will be appropriated after the organizer approve.

4. If selected applicant has a budget greater than our available limit for funding, they must seek external funding sources.

IX. Production Support

1. The organizer will assist selected applicants with their administrative needs, performance location, and performance scheduling. The organizers will also provide unified promotions for all 2017 Genie Lab participants as a whole.

2. Selected applicants can use their expected performance location for free within their performance period. Selected applicants are liable for any damage of on-site property arising therefrom.

3. All performances of the 2017 Genie Lab will be free for admission. If selected applicants wish to plan extra business activities within their performance period, they must complete all procedures with university administration on their own.

4. Selected applicants must sign an agreement for performing. If selected applicants wish to cancel their performances, they must return all funding received to the organizer.

5. Selected applicants must coordinate with the organizer on event preparations. This means all relevant information required by the organizer must be submitted on time, as the organizer have the authority to terminate appropriation of funds and recover funds in full

6. Individual applicant or team representative is responsible for communication, administration, and coordination with the organizer.

7. Selected applicants are required to participate in relevant activities hosted by the organizers (e.g. promotional activities, experience sharing sessions)

8. Selected applicants must agree to freely provide documents, photographs, and videos related to their creative project to the organizer for reproduction and publicity purposes.

9. All project results and intellectual property rights belong to selected applicants.

X. Contact Information: If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Wu at (02)2896100 ext. 1412. 

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