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Study Abroad Applications “A Showcase of Cultural Resources and Management in Bangkok” Travel Grant Award Announcement

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Poster:International Exchange CenterPost date:2018-06-29
No. of visits:102

獲獎學生 (Awardees, listed by the submission order):

Josè OO from IMCCI

Alicia OO from IMCCI

OO (Lin OO) from the Graduate Institute of Dance

OO (Hsieh OO) from the Graduate Institute of Museum Studies


備取名單 (Waiting List):

1. OO (Sean OO) from the Graduate Institute of Dance

2. OO (Kim OO) from the School of Fine Arts

 All Awardees will receive email about this Travel Grant Award Announcement 

Contact Persion:

TA, Miss Lim   email: awlim.artgallery@gmail.com


Important Deadlines:

1. All Awardees must confirm with Miss Lim by July 5th, 2018 about their acceptance (or not) of this travel grant.

2. All applicants who wish to come based on their self-funding. There is a maximize of 15 people in total (including awardees and faculties) who can come to this filed trip. All applicants who intend to come with self-funding, please inform Miss Lim by July 15th, 2018.


Important Notice to accept this Travel Grant:

1. Awardees are required to write a 3000 words paper as a field work report, due: 9/10/2018

2. Awardees MUST enrolled in Other: A Showcase of Cultural Resources and Management in Bangkok course (1 credit), taught by Prof. I-Wen Chang in 2018 Fall semester. Please note, the awardees CANNOT drop this course.

3. Students must also enrolled in the 3 credit course offered by IMCCI in the Fall (seminar called "Cultural Industry Management Seminar" Co-taught by Profs. Hsi-chuan Liu, Yatin Lin, I-wen Chang, Guest Prof Chawarote W. and long-distance teaching with Chulalongkorn University faculties. The seminar is tentatively scheduled on Wed. afternoons, 3:30~6 PM with possible adjustment). Please note, the awardees CANNOT drop this course.

4. Awardees are required to keep their flight ticket receipt, boarding pass, and accommodation receipt for reimbursement.

5. Reimburse Procedure: The travel grant recipient will receive NTD 10,000 dollars after the second week (drop/off class is over) of the Fall Semester. Only those who enrolled in the above mentioned two courses can get reimbursed.


General Information about this field trip:

        IMCCI is going to collaborate with the Cultural Management MA program at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand for a five day intensive workshop. The theme of this workshop and field trip will be focused on showcase of cultural resources and management in Bangkok" and some art galleries. We will

-   Visit the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre and have a lecture and discussion from the director of the centre.

-     Visit Thailand Creative & Design Centre and new cultural scenes around the ChaleanKung area (The new road), possible plus China Town.

-     Explore a cultural destination, an old Chinese-Portuguese community,  in Bangkok.

-     Visit Office of Performing Arts, the Ministry of Culture.

-     Find sometimes to have a table discussion between our programmes and take you to visit some of cultural institutes at Chulalongkorn University; The Institute of Thai Studies, The Institute of Asia Studies. Southeast Asia studies Centre.

-     Attend small talks during the trip in every places, could be both from our faculty and persons who work there.


Each selected travel grant recipient will receive NTD 10,000 dollars. 


Travel Date: 22-26, August

Travel Location: Bangkok, Thailand

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