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TNUA confers Honorary Doctorates on five recipients

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Poster:Secretariat Office發佈日期:2017-06-11
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TNUA conferred Honorary Doctorates on five distinguished recipients at a ceremony on June 10: Mr. Ju, Tzong-Ching, Mr. Lee Po-Chun, Mr. Lee Yi Hong, Mr. Qiu Huo-Rong and Mr. Wen-Long Shi.


TNUA President Prof. Yang Chyi Wen noted that the university has been conferring Honorary Doctorates on those who have made special contributions to art and culture to mark important anniversaries of the university.


This year’s recipients are all distinguished figures in their respective areas, shining like beacons for TNUA’s graduates, said Prof. Yang at the ceremony, which also marked the graduation of the class of 2017.  


Delivering his acceptance speech, Mr. Ju, a former president of TNUA and currently chairman of the National Performing Arts Center, said he felt deeply honored to be given such recognition.


Mr. Lee Po-Chun, a Peking Opera virtuoso aged over 90, thanked his mentors, Liu Hsiang-cheng and Han Chang-pao, for giving him the strict training that made him what he is today.


Mr. Lee Yi Hong, known for his ink wash painting, said the TNUA recognition was a surprise. He stressed the importance of art education, and said he was glad to see TNUA produce so many talented artists.


Mr. Qiu, a Beiguan maestro, said he had thought his “dramatic life” had already ended, but the TNUA honor added an extra episode that was both surprising and pleasing.


Mr. Shi, founder of the Chi Mei Museum, was unable to attend the ceremony. But he had already received the Honorary Doctorate from Prof. Yang, who presented it to him at the museum in Tainan on June 8.


Caption: TNUA conferred Honorary Doctorates at a ceremony on June 10. The recipients were: Mr. Ju, Tzong-Ching(fourth form left); Mr. Lee Po-Chun(third from left); Mr. Lee Yi Hong(second from left); Mr. Qiu Huo-Rong(left); and Mr. Wen-Long Shi.

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