Introduction / Department of Fine Arts

■ BFA Program

 MFA Fine Arts/ MA Art History Program

■ MFA Fine Art Continuing Education Program

■ Ph.D. Program - "Artistic Practice and Critical Research"

B.F.A. Program


B.F.A. Program in the Department of Fine Arts offers creative art courses in ink painting, painting, mixed-media,sculpture, printmaking and multimedia design. Emphasize on the study of visual elements and the ability of creation. Art history courses cover both Eastern and Western Arts. Theories focus  on aesthetics, art creation, and cultural interpretations.



M.F.A. Fine Arts/ M.A. Art History Program


There are two degree concentrations offered within the Fine Arts Department. One is M.F.A. Fine Arts and the other is M.A. Art History Program.

M.F.A. Fine Arts Program 
offers a focus on the “genealogy of knowledge” and the “praxis of the creative consciousness” in contemporary art. It gives equal emphasis to the East and West, the traditional and the modern in a diversified training for students. It provides abundant information on contemporary art, and cultivates the individuals' creativity and style. Apart from offering a liberal environment, the program requires students to put forth a theoretical discourse to support their individual creation. Through discussions, independent studies with professors, and regular exhibitions, artists here are sharpened in their artistic expressions.


M.A. Art History Program 

concentrate on the subjects of Chinese Art History, Western Art History and Art Criticism provide students with broad views and rich materials for research. Exposed to various activities at the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts and other campus events, young researchers are encouraged to do cross-cultural observations to expand their perspective and enable their research capabilities.





M.F.A. Fine Art
Countinuing Education Program

M.F.A. Fine Art Countinuing Education Program 
is designed for the working professional, and offers an opportunity to earn a graduate degree while maintaining full time employment. Diverse curriculum contains fruitful artistic knowledge and training toward Eastern and Western; as well as conventional and modern. Course work provides students with a strong foundation in art theory and application to cultivate students the diverse cognition and thinking toward their professional. The Evening MFA program facilitates students access to the latest cutting-edge fine arts knowledge and practices.
(Monday ~ Friday, 18:30 ~ 21:20 p.m.)



Ph.D. Program - "Artistic Practice and Critical Research"


Ph.D. Program in the Department of Fine Arts aims to train scholars who are able to do research on art criticism and practice within a framework of philosophical, visual-cultural, and cross-disciplinary discourses. They will be able to interpret, critique, and contemplate the production of knowledge in contemporary thinking in response to various technological, cultural, political and social issues, so as to demonstrate the possi-bility of transforming cultural discourses into praxis.



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