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International Master of the Arts Program in Cultural and Creative Industries (IMCCI)


As the most important institution for educating artists in Taiwan, TNUA embraces a principle that stresses both the traditional and modern, and both the international and local. Our pedagogy gives equal emphasis to both the theoretical and the practical, with a mission to nurture generations of artists for Taiwan, and to elevate the country's overall artistic and cultural achievements.
International Master of the Arts Program in Cultural and Creative Industries (IMCCI) is the first program in Taiwan that combines the studies of arts and creative industries program taught in English. The program does not focus on developing specific skills on a particular field, like music, theatre, dance, painting, sculpture, photography, design, etc. IMCCI, instead, opens new possibilities for students to take their own profession or passion into the cultural field and to become arts intermediators, such as an art managers, curators, cultural promoters, etc. Moreover, the courses are designed not just focusing on the lectures, but also on discussion, presentations, field research and other activities related to arts and cultures, so students can have a better understanding of how cultural and creative industries work.
Since most of the students in IMCCI come from different parts of the world, TNUA offers information about educating arts resources (Music, Fine Arts, Theatre Arts, Dance, Filmmaking and New Media, and Culture Resources), provides the practical art management courses, and furthermore an opportunity to connect Taiwan’s experience with the world. The program particularly stresses the importance of unleashing creativity in different fields, and fits with the educational goal of TNUA -- to nurture “innovators and creators” in the world of arts. In the future, we will still embrace this spirit to achieve a sustainable development.

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