Stage! Dance and Technology International Conference: Dance Within/Beyond Technology

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Date/Time: July 24, 10:00~15:30  July 25, 10:00~15:45
Location: Studio7, School of Dance, Taipei National University of the Atrs 
Fee: Free

Hosted by The Performing Arts Lab, School of Dance, TNUA and Ministry of Cultural, Taiwan
This conference focuses on the issue of dance and technology. Several international and local artists are invited, and they will share the creative works and practical experiences. The conference also includes a round table discussion with an open dialogue with the public. Please see attached for the agenda of the international conference.

Online registration: http://goo.gl/3fHYh

For more information please visit STAGE Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Stage/303881016361931



Invited Speakers

Sandra Chatterjee

Cynthia Ling Lee

Renata Sheppard

Hsiu-Ping Chang / Sun-Shier Dance Theatre

Chao-Wei Fan / Department of Drama and Theatre, NTU

Ming-Cheng Lee / Body Expression Dance Theater

Chyi-Cheng Lin / Laboratory of Performance Technology, TNUA

Chieh-Hua Hsieh / Anarchy Dance Theatre



Yun-Yu Wang / Professor, School of Dance, TNUA

Ming-Shen Ku / Associate Professor, School of Dance, TNUA

Ra-Yuan Tseng / Associate Professor, Department of Dance, TPEC



Ra-Yuan Tseng

Christopher Chu

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