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Curriculum Amelioration Program

Program Implementation:2008/8/1~2009/1/31
-- This Program was awarded of The Grant of General Education Program Category D from the Department of Education.


        The core aspiration is to foster the quality of general education curriculum and teaching. Through intellectual, implemental, pragmatic, and reflexive mapping of the curriculum, we hope to guide students through the process of learning to learn, strenghtening the vital ablitiy of self-establishment in them. This program is a community of practice, constitute of TNUA students, teachers, teaching assistants and staffs. Each engages in the program through different ways and practices, building up a learning community together, where experiences being communicated, resources shared, and ideas exchanged. Reciprocal supporting system is therefore established, and visions are actively unfolded while actions transformed through reflection. Hence, our objective of teaching development and learning origination are hopefully achieved.

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