The Department of Theatre Arts, founded in 1982, consists of three sections: the Undergraduate Program of Theatre Arts, the Graduate Program of Theatre Arts, and the Doctoral Program in Theatre Arts.  Within these sections, students can major in one of four subjects: dramatic theory, playwriting, directing, or acting.

School degree offerings are:

Dramatic Theory: PhD, MA, BFA

Playwriting: MFA

Directing: MFA

Acting: MFA

Our courses focus on creativity, professionalism, and collaboration in order to fulfill our goal of training exceptional theatrical artists and works. In addition, department curriculum also embraces the traditions of eastern and western theatre, both traditional and modern – balancing critical thinking with practical skills, and theory with technique. There are many players within our department: graduates, undergraduates, as well as teachers and students of various disciplines. We work together with the ultimate objective of collaborating equally on rehearsals, performances, staged readings, and other projects.

The heart of our department’s excellence lies in our focus on performance.  This, along with our department’s close collaboration with the Department of Theatrical Design and Technology for performance and production classes, results in a school that is filled with creative spirit.  Each time finals week rolls around, every nook and cranny of the department’s main building, from the hallways to the courtyard, is filled with the sights and sounds of performance. With the addition of audience members who come from far and wide, the entire department creates a totally unique theatre culture.

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